Oracle Releases Upgraded Database Lite At Mobile World
The Mobile World Congress in Spain has only just opened and already news is just busting to get out. Oracle (news, site), for example, has just announced the release of its upgraded Database Lite, a solution that enables the deployment, development and management of applications for mobile and embedded environments.

The focus in this release has been support for synchronizing SQLite Database and Oracle Database. There are two principal upgrades:

  • The ability to synchronize data bi-directionally between SQLite database and Oracle Database
  • Access to a database even in the absence of a network connection

On The Road

The bottom-line result is that users will be able to access data unconstrained by bandwidth or network coverage giving them a similar user experience to users who are connected to the database.

The upgrades to Database Lite take another step in releasing site-based workers from their desks and putting them on the road, while at the same time ensuring that they can access any information they need regardless of physical location.

 . . . Workers need to be able to efficiently access data without interruption or hassle despite their physical location . . .[with this release} workers can now access their enterprise Oracle Database, no matter where their jobs take them,” said Marie-Anne Neimat, vice president Software Development at Oracle.

Oracle Database Lite 10.3

Oracle Database Lite 10.3Lite now comes with synchronization support for SQLite databases, multi-device user sharing, file based synchronization and support for RAC databases.

It consists of:

  • Oracle Database Lite Client: A small SQL database
  • Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server: Periodic synchronization allowing use in irregularly connected environments

With support for a number of platforms including 2003/XP/Vista, Redhat Linux, and Windows Mobile 5 and 6, it enables access to data while on the road with periodic updates to the Oracle database without any user actions.

It also comes with lifecycle management tools and scalable data synchronization as well as the detection and resolution of conflicting data.

New abilities that Oracle is underling as benefits with this upgrade include:

  • Device management that enables synchronization between the Database Lite Mobile Server, Oracle Database Lite Client databases and an Oracle Database.
  • Synchronization between SQLite client databases and an Oracle Database.
  • Enhanced security using a Common Access Card that requires user authentication using smart cards.
  • Device registration for common use of individual devices by several users.

Built for enterprises with a large number of devices across and outside the enterprise, Oracle Database Lite’s Mobile Server synchronizes huge amounts of data to a company’s Oracle database, and enables user access to that information when required.

If you’re interested, you can download it from the Oracle site, or check it out if you want to know more.