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With the threat of litigation and the necessity of compliance looming over every organization, Oracle steps up to the records management plate with the availability of its first enterprise RM application since the acquisition of Stellent.Oracle Universal Records Management 10g Release 3, Oracle URM for short, promises not only enterprise-wide records management capability but also retention management of non-records and "hot-pluggable" integration with third-party content. If the phrase "hot-pluggable" has you shaking your head, allow us to explain. Along with the aforementioned records and retention management functionality, Oracle URM also comes with adapters to Oracle Universal Content Management and Oracle Imaging and Process Management. Furthermore, organizations that don't use Oracle's content management products are not left out in the cold. Oracle URM also includes a generic adapter that can be applied to most repositories. And there is more good news: if your organization uses Microsoft Sharepoint or Symantec Vault for content management, then there are fresh whitepapers available to help you integrate Oracle URM. We all heard Oracle talk the talk back in April of 2007 when the content management roadmap was announced. It is refreshing to see a global technology leader walk the walk and deliver on its promises while leveraging its investments. Oracle Universal Records Management 10g Release 3 is available immediately and if you are not quite ready for the US$100,000 per processor licensing fee, there is a free download to try before you buy.