Recommind Updates Next-Generation Enterprise Search Tool

In the wake of a very successful eDiscovery tool Insite Legal Hold, leveraged by the ever-popular Open Text, Recommind releases the newest version of another solution poised for ascendancy.

This time the product is MindServer Search, and the solution -- as you probably guessed -- has to do with search techniques. Version 6.0 is targeted toward the users of next-generation enterprise search. The enhancements that come with the updated tool all seem to (unsurprisingly) mirror another developing search-related topic recently covered here at CMSWire. Can you guess which?

What It’s All About

MindServer Search 6.0 is built on Recommind's CORE platform (Context Optimized Relevancy Engine). The platform works as an automated information management layer which integrates all data inside and outside of enterprise networks. With such a thorough foundation, the search tool allows enterprises to boost results based on very specific properties of a document, including: freshness, rank, specific metadata and document length.

Additionally, search results can feature 'Best Bets' (similar to Google’s ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’) which are preselected files linked to particular queries.

2009: Must. Make. Searching. More. Efficient.

“Next-generation enterprise search must be able to adapt to the needs of the individual users in order to determine and deliver the exact information required, in context, for each user’s specific needs. Users can’t spend time authenticating or endlessly searching through results – relevancy must be automatic, instantaneous and accurate,” said John Alber, Technology Partner at Bryan Cave LLP.

That sounds about right to us, too. MindServer Search 6.0 is expected to continue to relieve users of such tedious processes like actually searching through search results by way of the following enhancements:

  • Improved relevancy tuning: Alber continues on to say that MindServer Search 6.0 meets the newest needs of users particularly with the addition of this feature:  “Having direct and immediate access to the right information at the right time has become an essential component of enterprise search.”
  • An extension of the system's federated search framework: MindServer Search 6.0’s federated search capabilities enable users to search across internal and external data sources with one single query. This handy little extension increases user productivity by integrating internal and external results in the same result set and highlighting search terms in external sources.
  • Sponsored links: This feature brings external or indexed documents to the user's attention through specific queries, but places them outside of the standard search results area.

3.0 or Bust

The term Enterprise 3.0 is a bit daunting for some, and absolutely ridiculous for others. Rants on the e-street include: The car isn’t called horse 2.0. The light bulb isn’t called candle 2.0. Fax isn’t called letter 2.0. Granted, it’s not the most creative name out there, but with all of the demands for quicker, more succinct results, how can we be expected to spend precious development time dreaming up a name that’s more concise (and appropriate, given the content) than a numeric suffix?

If you guessed earlier that the newest developments in enterprise search tools reminded us of the semantic Web, you’re right and we owe you a cookie. Though the methods are a little different, the goals of next-generation search tools across the board are the same: Immediate results. More precise results. Uniquely designed results. Results you don’t have to sift through to find the results you were looking for in the first place.

So. Have you got some pressing enterprise search needs? Hop on the most convenient bandwagon yet (if you haven’t already) by checking out