Report: ECM Could Save You Billions

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A report from TowerGroup titled "Beyond the Paper Scourge: Unleashing the Business Value of Electronic Content Management" was recently released on MarketResearch.com. The report covers topics such as: How ECM Works, Unleashing the Business Value of ECM, Innovation in ECM, Supporting Technologies for ECM, and Outlook for ECM Vendors.

Some of the claims include:

Learning Opportunities

  • ECM enhances business value by improving operational efficiency, customer experience, compliance, and risk management.
  • ECM spans diverse technology categories that fit together strategically under an umbrella of business process transformation.
  • Many FSIs use some form of ECM solutions, but these solutions often do not connect with other supporting technologies and fall short of the mark in delivering full business value.
  • Innovation in ECM lies in preserving information in its original digital form and in its ability to move information through a process, be stored, and be accessed digitally.

Of course, "save" is the key word here. It means you have to be pulling in quite a bit of dough in the first place. It also doesn't change the amount you have to shell out for upfront licensing investment and implementation. Not to rain on your parade or anything--we're just sayin'.

If you're making enough money to save money, open those wallets right up and fork over the US$ 1,750.00 it costs to read the report here. Otherwise, you can stay in the ECM loop with us free of charge here.