A new CMS Watch (news, site) report shows the growing importance of Enterprise Content Management in an increasingly mobile world. 

Blame the BlackBerry or the iPhone, but a generation of users are expecting all the data they are used to seeing on the desktop to be available on their mobile devices as well. This evolution in working style frames part of the 2009 ECM report from CMS Watch that highlights the move to mobile.

If you want to understand the ECM market, then CMS Watch's 436 report is a very good place to start. Featuring 10-20 page reports on each of the major ECM vendors, it is designed to help readers save money on contracts, save time when shortlisting and choosing vendors, and prevent purchasing mistakes.

The mobile trend is covered in the Market Evolution and 2009 Trends section. This section also covers the impact of SharePoint, plus the effects of cloud and open source on the Enterprise CMS landscape. It highlights the issues of security when sending data outside of the company firewall and how vendors are dealing with these issues.

In many cases, the report highlights that most current mobile offerings are purely eye candy and that we won't see fully integrated solutions until next year, or even 2011. When fully-featured solutions do arrive, expect a great deal of questioning about platform support and security before committing to a vendor.

The 2009 ECM Report, the fourth edition, is available in two versions: a subset version for the SMBs starting at US$ 985 and the full report for enterprise use starting at US$ 2,950. Among the 28 vendors included in the report are IBM, Microsoft, Open Text, Nuxeo, Alfresco, Autonomy and other players.