eCopy Connector for SharePoint, imaging
eCopy (news, site) has released a new solution today that should help improve your productivity when working with a mix of electronic and paper-based information. The solution, called eCopy PaperWorks, lets you scan your paper documents and then merge electronic documents into a single PDF. And that's only the beginning.

Working with Paper and Electronic Documents

The reality is we work with a combination of both paper and electronic information in our jobs every day. So having a tool that easily enables us to pull together information from various locations -- be they electronic locations or paper-based -- would be a helpful tool.

This is what eCopy's PaperWorks is designed to do. eCopy first announced the PaperWorks solution in October of last year.  Have a look at all the options:


eCopy PaperWorks

PaperWorks is a desktop imaging software solution that enables to you bring together information from a number of different locations, merge them (if you need to) and then convert them into a single secure PDF file. You can then include the PDF in your business applications and business processes.

At a glance, here are the capabilities of PaperWorks:

  • Scan: Scan your paper documents from your MFP, scanner or other device, such as eCopy's ShareScan into PaperWorks and convert the document into a searchable PDF format.
  • Merge: Pull documents from any number of locations such as a scanned document, MS Office, email, fax, database, SharePoint, Open Text eDocs, Documentum or Autonomy iManage and merge them into a single PDF file. You have the ability to organize the documents into the order you want.
  • Modify: Make changes to the documents using annotations, editing, redaction, bookmarks, headers and footers and more and burn-in the changes so the document can't be altered.
  • Connect: Distribute your PDFs via email, fax, into document management systems like those mentioned above.

eCopy PaperWorks costs US$ 179 for a single user license. If you want to see it in action before you decide to buy, watch this demo, then download a free 45-day trial and test it out for yourself.