SDL Ushers in the Future of Structured Content

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SDL (news, site) continues to make headlines in the content management industry. First, there was the announcement of the results from the 2009 Automated Translation Survey. Next, there was the announcement of the new head of North American web content management.

Now the hot news is about the combination of two of SDL's flagship products. A combination that SDL executives believe will revolutionize the way technical documentation is delivered to end users.

How We Got to This Point

We have all seen the acquisition carousel spin in the technology industry and watched as small, innovative companies are gobbled up by larger entities striving to maintain relevance in a constantly shifting landscape.

Too often, the acquired organizations become little more than fodder for idle public relations departments.

While many companies display a complete lack of strategic thinking, SDL's vision for the future of dynamic publishing began with an investment in a small Belgian outfit that makes content management solutions for technical communications -- Trisoft.

Fast forward roughly 18 months and SDL finds the perfect compliment for Trisoft -- XyEnterprise.

The acquisition of XyEnterprise gave birth to SDL XySoft which has since been renamed to the very "Microsoft-like" LiveContent.

Learning Opportunities

After less than a year, Trisoft's core strength -- the Component Content Management system -- has been integrated with LiveContent's dynamic content delivery engine to enable enterprises to transform static documentation into interactive web-based information.

The Target Market

If you have made the investment in structured content and DITA, then SDL's sales team would like to talk to you. The integration of these two products is designed to take technical documentation in its current static format and convert it into a rich, personalized experience to be delivered to customers via the web.

The most likely use case in my mind is the call center. Imagine replacing stacks of bound paper documentation or dense PDFs on the respective desktops of CSRs with a centralized, searchable and up-to-date repository of information.

Don't Take Our Word for It

Rather than go into more detail, let two executives from SDL explain the integration of these products and the potential impact on the industry in their own words.


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