Gartner is getting a little more hip naming their reports and JustSystems is one content management vendor benefiting from it. After all, being named a "cool vendor" can't hurt a company can it?That's right, Gartner has a new report out called Cool Vendors in Content Management, 2008. According to Gartner, "Cool vendors in content management are establishing new directions for established technologies which can benefit professionals engaged in valuable content-focused business processes. Making their lives simpler, and the content itself smarter, yields extremely rewarding results." JustSystems is one of a few content management vendors who focus on implementing document management using DITA. Working with IBM, they co-authored the DITA maturity model and have presented at numerous conferences their vision of document management. The report, published on April 4, 2008, does not cover all content management vendors but is designed to highlight those that are doing interesting and innovative things with their technology. How does Gartner define a "cool vendor"? By identifying those systems that are: * Innovative: Solutions that help users do things they couldn't do before * Impactful: Technologies or solutions that have, or will have, some kind of business impact * Intriguing: Solutions that have somehow caught Gartner's eye or piqued their interest in the last 6 month. Jake Sorofman, senior vice president of marketing and business development for JustSystems said, “We’re blurring the line between traditional documents, which provide rich context, persistence and portability; and business applications, which provide live data and an interactive user experience." Gartner's recognition has provided JustSystems with validation of their document-as-a-service vision. JustSystems wasn't the only content management vendor to make the report. SiteCore, a .Net based content management system was also blessed with the "Cool Vendor" title. Sitecore’s plans for 2008 include “more scalable rich features that are easily and seamlessly integrated into the enterprise’s CMS and .NET framework.” They are also getting deep into Mobile Computing, an area that is growing quickly for content management vendors. We'll likely start to see a few more vendors announcing they made the list of Cool Vendors. If you are going to be listed in one of Gartner's reports would this be the one you'd like?