MachSol, Inc., a SaaS-enabled control panel software vendor, has released its SharePoint Control Panel System. Designed to automate the billing, provisioning and management of hosted SharePoint 3.0 service, SharePoint Extension (SPE) is now available as a module of eJad Service Provider Management system 2.0.eJad Service Provider Management system (eJadSPM) is a SaaS-enabled hosted services delivery platform for HSPs and Telco. With eJadSPM you can: * Manage service plans * Bill clients * Automatically provision services * Provide help desk support * Manage e-commerce storefronts * Manage hardware inventory, IP pools, name servers * Manage accounts renewals All of the above can be done from a single control panel. eJadSPM supports all popular hosting panels, domain registrars and payment gateways. Max Roosenbrand, CEO and resident of MachSol noted: ''eJadSPM SharePoint Control Panel allows HSPs and Telco to drastically lower down their operations cost, quickly introduce profitable services, organize business and improve usage of hardware and resources.'' MachSol is focusing on empowering small and mid-size businesses with the tools and technologies to help them grow. eJadSPM System's SharePoint Control Panel allows for both small hosting companies and large telecoms to enter into the Hosted SharePoint market segment in a cost-effective way. Supporting Windows SharePoint Services single server deployment and Web Farm infrastructure, eJadSPM is the only hosted SharePoint control panel in the market, according to the company.