There are a lot of vendor announcements coming out of the SharePoint Conference on a daily basis. Some of these concern enhancements to SharePoint 2007 solutions. Many, are about announcing support for SharePoint 2010.

We've compiled a list of these vendors that we have seen to date, read on to learn what they are doing.

MetaVis Technologies

MetaVis Technologies actually announced via Twitter a while ago that their products would support SharePoint 2010. Products include Classifier, Architect, Migrator, Folders, ECM Migrator, Site Creator.

We took at look at some of these products a while back. Read our review.

What's that? You see a new product listed up there? Well yes, apparently there is something new in the product line. Site Creator is a free tool that makes it easy to use SharePoint site templates, setting up a site in no time. We don't have much more information on this new product. As soon as we do, we'll pass it on.

Quest Software

Quest Software provides a number of tools for SharePoint including tools for administration, customization, migration, recovery and security. They are demoing their SharePoint 2010 support at the conference.

Quest also announced some enhancements to their 2007 supported software:

  • Site Administrator: New permissions management features, improved search capabilities that display effective SharePoint user permissions and a web-based information portal for enterprise level reports (including drill down capability).
  • Recovery Manager: Performance improvements for recovery from native or Quest LiteSpeed for SQL Server backups and a rapid restore feature that reduces infrastructure and storage space.

The SharePoint 2010 version of Site Administrator is being demoed at the conference.


KnowledgeLake provides document capture and imaging solutions for SharePoint 2007. In addition to these capabilities, they will be extending their feature set for SharePoint 2010 to include:

  • A Silverlight document viewer
  • Expanded use of business data
  • Document encryption
  • New Search interfaces, including FAST integration and improvements to SharePoint 2010 search
  • Managed metadata

They have also announced a partnership with Global360 that sees the creation of a process and document management solution for SharePoint 2007.

Blue Thread: StoragePoint

Blue Thread is a storage solution provider. StoragePoint for SharePoint 2010 takes advantage of the RBS -- Remote Blob Storage -- API we spoke of yesterday that enables organizations to store much of their SharePoint data in a storage provider other than SharePoint.

StoragePoint supports the relocation of SharePoint blob content to any on premise or cloud based storage location. StoragePoint actually supports both RBS and EBS interfaces for SharePoint 2010.

Rob D'Oria, BlueThread's CTO and co-Founder says, "Organizations don't have to wait for 2010 in order to realize the benefits of StoragePoint. WSS 3.0 and MOSS 2007 customers can install StoragePoint within their existing SharePoint deployment while taking comfort that a no-hassle upgrade to 2010 is already in place."

There's a 30 day free trial if you are interested in kicking the tires.


Laserfiche, an Agile Enterprise content management system, has also announced that it will support SharePoint 2010.  Built on Microsoft.NET and already tightly integrated with SharePoint 2007, Laserfiche will add the following capabilties to support the 2010 version:

  • ADO.NET provider to enable access to Laserfiche data from Business Connectivity Services
  • Federated Search
  • Records Management document categorization using SharePoint's BCS