Support for DITA, Writer Productivity Key Features of New Vasont CMS Release

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Support for DITA, Writer Productivity Key Features of new Vasont CMS Release
Vasont Systems’ (news, site) latest iteration of their content management system is up for grabs. Vasont 12.2 focuses on helping out the writer using Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) and custom Document Type Definitions (DTDs).

It's About Content Integrity

“This interim release of Vasont provides more tools for clients to better manage their editorial and publishing processes,” said Richard Schiding, President of Vasont Systems. “It’s important for documentation to be accurate, and these new features give users even more ways to ensure the content’s integrity.”

Let’s check them out:

Learning Opportunities

  • Revisions: Keep track of the changes. The Revisions feature allows users to track and manage changes to modular content. Specifically, all users who own content that references the modular content are alerted when it is revised. Changes can then be evaluated with the new Revision Compare window, allowing clients to work on multiple versions of their content simultaneously.
  • Controlled Vocabulary: It’s like parental controls for your content. With this feature users can define both “allowed” and “restricted” terms, creating a cleaner, more consistent and tailored environment. Moreover, along with the help of Vasont’s included dictionary-building ability (which can also identify misspelled and unrecognized words), revision cycles would likely be quicker to get through.
  • Content Exception Report: The Content Exception Report allows users to avoid taking action on content before it is approved and complete. Vasont says this is particularly useful for identifying items that might interfere with publishing, and may also be used for diagnosing referenced modular content with specific criteria, such as draft status and specific edit dates.

Please Recycle

Vasont 12.2 is yet another example of the company's mission to support the reuse of content. Additionally, the platform is designed for the non-techie, and so supports extensions for the integration of editing, publishing, translation and presentation tools.

We're light on news from the Pennsylvania-based company, but they've got more than 55 years of experience in information, document management and publishing under their belt and have managed to earn the affections of a number  of Fortune 1000 companies. For more info on Vasont or the newest teeny version of their Enterprise CMS, hit up their website