Globalization doesn't mean the end of language. In most cases, it means more. And the ability to communicate in the global world means having to conduct business across cultures and countries. Yet, many corporate managers are finding multi-lingualism a barrier.

In the process of document translation, some parts of documents can lose meaning. But creating documents in different languages takes time, money and skill -- many of which companies don't have a lot of these days. While companies struggle to find a viable solution, mounds of business documents, manuals and other communications that must be communicated in a number of languages in order to compete grow day by day, hour by hour.

Back in August, we learned why companies need to manage their global content properly. Nearly nine months later, several web-based translation programs have been developed. One of them, SYSTRAN, has released Enterprise Server 6 -- a comprehensive solution that aims to meet the full range of enterprise language translation needs. 

Multi-Lingual, Multi-Server, Multi-Format

Companies can automatically translate documents from manuals to websites through a web-based interface or the SYSTRAN toolbar. Integrated into a user's desktop or through enterprise applications, Enterprise Server 6 allows multilingual information to be transferred across enterprise CMS, portals, search, or websites.  All of this is based on SYSTRAN's new, scalable, configurable and customizable multi-server architecture.

But back to basics, through Enterprise Server 6 customers can translate directly from Firefox and Internet Explorer, from most common RSS feeds and email messages. Users can translate multiple files in different formats within a folder all at the same time.

Enhanced features include:

  • Updated dictionaries that now supports multiple users
  • Improved translation project management tools for tracking and managing all phases
  • Terminology extraction
  • Dictionary creation
  • Translation and review
  • Post-editing and quality assurance

Get Smarter, Save Money

SYSTRAN’s latest generation of products not only automates the translation process, it acquires knowledge as it is used. Businesses can get smarter, as the data is re-used it is retained and updated with every change. As more companies integrate translation technology into their business processes, they'll benefit from the many ways it will save money and time while at the same letting conversations occur more organically between customers, partners and employees no matter where they are and what they language speak.