TERMINALFOUR Aims to Please International Audience

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Hoping to reinforce Ireland's new reputation as a technology superpower, TERMINALFOUR releases an updated version of their ECM product with the goal of meeting the multilingual interface needs of ever-expanding global enterprises.With international expansion on the minds of every CEO, the aforementioned multilingual interface to Site Manager 6.0 aims to remove many of the language barriers that have traditionally limited entry into foreign markets.As if the support for i18n was not enough, Site Manager 6.0 listened to the requirements generated by their user groups and have included over 50 other new features.These features include:* Java CMS standards compliance (JSR170) facilitation* Key functionality for organizations managing greater than fifty website and intranet sites* Out-of-the-box data objects to extract information from other corporate systems* Improved migration tools for clients looking to migrate from third party content management systems“With Site Manager 6.0, we have really embraced the development ethos of open source communities, while also providing the quality commercial support and product commitment that medium to large organizations expect. The enhancements to Site Manger 6.0 are largely driven by our community of customers, end users and their developers,” said Piero Tintori, managing director of TERMINALFOUR.In an effort to embrace standards in the content management industry, Site Manager 6.0 runs on an open platform.Site Manager 6.0 also allows for third party modules that support interaction with JSR 170 compliant applications. The adherence to the JSR 170 standard gives organizations the ability to change CMS systems without having to rewrite custom developed apps that were built around the previous system.Furthermore, TERMINALFOUR’s Data Object functionality allows for snapshots of data to be extracted from internal systems for secure external publication. This capability has been improved with the inclusion of out-of-the-box objects for specific systems.For example, one newly available Data Object allows for pieces of information to be automatically captured from other web and web service based systems and included as components within a webpage, even if that webpage does not have access to the original source of the information.Additional intranet and extranet module packs have also been developed, which can be installed with Site Manager 6.0. These packs include specific intranet modules such as discussion boards, online polls, and calendaring.TERMINALFOUR’s solutions are already in use by a number of third level educational institutions in the UK along with the public sector in Ireland.With customers spanning its home continent and the Middle East, TERMINALFOUR is among the fastest-growing ECM firms in Europe. Site Manager 6.0 should help propel this well established company even further into the European and international market.For more information about Site Manager specifically and TERMINALFOUR in general, head over to the website.