Site Manager 5.3 is More Than Just a Pretty Interface

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TERMINALFOUR announces the release of Site Manager 5.3, which builds on Site Manager's versatile capabilities with the input of customers via user groups and conferences.Unlike other enterprise CMS solutions like SpikeSource and Oracle ECM, which place great weight on document and records management, TERMINALFOUR Site Manager 5.3 focuses on web-ready image quality and cleaner content.Managing director Piero Tintori of TERMINALFOUR explains, "The latest version of Site Manager builds on the software's usability, accessibility and versatility for managing and sharing information across the enterprise. Site Manager 5.3 builds upon its reputation for delivering value and a quick return on investment."The two largest enhancements of v5.3 include image manipulation and content comparison.Image manipulation encompasses the growing demand image editing options for images increasingly sourced from digital cameras, cell phones and scans, populate professional websites as less expensive alternatives to Getty or other image vendors. However, web-ready images often require size and pixel adjustments in addition to aesthetic alterations. This necessity requires an understanding of web image formats and image optimization, two components made simple by Site Manager 5.3. The solution facilitates these processes by enabling users to upload images, then scale and optimize them from one platform while maintaining high-resolution integrity. As a website grows, images may be manipulated repeatedly without denigrating in terms of quality.Content comparison is a records management grade content comparison module that enables content auditors to review changes made to a piece of information all at once. The user may also determine at what level of detail he or she would like to review the content. This assures information accuracy, assists with multilingual translation and supports regulatory compliance. Additionally, older documents can be retrieved and compared at leisure to newer drafts.Per client needs, other enhanced or added features include:* eForms* Self-service improvements* More efficient user access rights reporting* Improved facilities for supporting advanced meta-tagging and taxonomy, including IPSV in the * UK public sector* Tighter Integration with portal technologies like SharePoint and Oracle PortalDublin, Ireland-based TERMINALFOUR is a major developer of unique enterprise CMS software. Built on the Java J2EE platform and industry open standards, its solutions are number one among third level educational institutions in the UK and the public sector in Ireland. With customers spanning its home continent and the Middle East, TERMINALFOUR is among the fastest-growing ECM firms in Europe.