TheBigWordGroup translation service offering

It seems the SDL acquistion of Idiom stirred up a little action in the translation management industry.

ThebigwordGroup has set out to offer an alternative to SDL/Idiom that is scalable and has little capital investment on the front end. Hmmm...sounds intriguing.

ThebigwordGroup is a global translation and language services company based out of the UK, but with offices across the Globe.

Their offer is the standard version of their SaaS solution LanguageDirector free of charge. The LanguageDirector is a complete solution for translation, localization and interpretation in a single web-based interface. It comes in three editions: standard, advanced and enterprise.

The decision to offer the standard version free is in response to the acquisition of Idiom by SDL, both of whom offer translation management services. They say this is a customer centric approach which enables the customer to best chose the solution that fits their organization's needs.

Well that's all great, but what exactly does this standard edition of LanguageDirector provide a company?

?Companies looking to purchase a TMS have traditionally had to integrate technology specific to that TMS into their own workflow. When we created LanguageDirector we made sure to build it around industry standards that are currently available. For the customer, this means they are not bound by any proprietary technology or vendor,? stated Larry Gould, Chairman of thebigwordGroup.

Access to Language Services

  • Translation: Includes Document & File translations and multilingual desktop publishing
  • Interpreting: Face to face and telephone
  • Localization: Website and Software
  • Additional Language Services: Things like copy writing, technical authoring, printing, transcription and more
  • Access to Language Professionals: Globalization and Language Technology Consultants and Project Managers

Project Control and Visibility

  • Quotation Management: Provides a defined process for quotations, including PO and reference numbers.
  • Status Reporting: Get status reports for ongoing language projects.
  • Spend Management: Detailed Reports on spending.
  • Management Information: Produce Management Information Reports on language activity, including on demand reporting and tracking of KPIs
  • Multilingual Interface: This version is available in 9 languages.
  • Customized Interface Design: Branding to match your company.

Language Technology

  • Single Platform for all Formats
  • File Formatting Protection
  • Security
  • File Storage
  • Translation Memory
  • Machine Translation

thebigwordGroup has the following recommendations for organizations looking to purchase a Translation Management System:

  • Do not pay anything until the system is delivering what you expect
  • Only pay for the functionality that you need
  • Pay on a monthly basis i.e. no long term contracts or tie ins
  • Avoid proprietary technology that may tie you in a particular vendor or process

All this ties into their solution offered "on demand" and obviously to the "free" version of their product to get an organization started.

If you are interested in the differences between the versions of LanguageDirector, view the LanguageDirector Version Guide on their website.

Is this the solution you've been looking for? Like all product selection processes, take the time to look at what's available on the market and be sure you know what your full requirements are.

Then head over to thebigword for more details on their offering.