Treeno Reaches Out, Connects ECM with Salesforce
Treeno Software, enterprise content management providers, have a new module for connecting their users with the all-powerful Software-as-a-Service CRM platform that is Salesforce.

The module, formally known as—surprise, surprise!—Treeno Salesforce Connector, integrates with any account and allows users to drag and drop e-mails and other documents from their desktop directly into the account.

Treeno Loves Salesforce

Treeno’s content management solutions are designed for companies of all sizes and aim to improve operational efficiency, automate business processes, and simplify compliance preparation through the ability to centrally store, access, manage, and share electronic and paper-based files.

Presumably longtime fans of the CRM platform, the company calls Salesforce “one of the most popular and prolific Software-as-a-Service platforms in the world.” With more than 55,400 corporate customers and 1.5 million individual subscribers, we’re inclined to agree.

The Treeno Salesforce Connector works to expand and enhance the information available to users with the drag and drop function. Additionally, since Treeno’s content management solutions already include scanning, e-mail storage and tracking capabilities, the new module doubles as a search engine for projects and accounts managed with

Module for All

Because Treeno developed the new module using the Web Services API, any account is compatible. Additionally, the Treeno team urges users not to downplay the connector's capabilities based on its out-of-the-box functionality. Thanks to what they claim is their "deep knowledge of the Salesforce API" the connector can reportedly be further expanded to support more complex solutions using an integrated approach.

Will Thibodeau, founder and co-CEO of Treeno Software claims it was “only natural” to integrate with the CRM giant with their ECM solution and that doing so will “make the management of sales and related documents even easier.” So if you're a Treeno slash Salesforce fan, check out the new bridge and let us know what you think.