Vamosa Launched Latest Version of Content Migrator
Just in time for Gilbane Boston, Vamosa (news, site) has launched the latest version of its Content Migrator with a new policy engine.

Vamosa understands the trials of content migration. Their solutions portfolio is focused on enterprise content governance (ECoG) from beginning to end, with the Content Migrator smack in the middle.


Vamosa Content Migration Process

Enterprise Content Goverance

Organizations have a lot of content flowing through their systems on a daily basis. The content needs to be maintained and controlled to be useful. Vamosa offers a number of solutions that can work together to help ensure your content is compliant and well structured.

Some of these solutions start long before content is migrated to a new system (or just cleaned up in the current one) like the Content Analyzer, and work long after a migration is complete (like Check and Fix).

What's New in V3?

With a release of version 3 of the Content Migrator, users now have faster migrations and an improved policy engine.

  • New Policy Engine: Manually setting polices can be both time consuming and error prone. Vamosa's new policy engine will keep the errors at bay and speed up the process at the same time. With over 200 policy functions available in the library, there should be something for everyone.
  • New UI: An improved GUI has been added to ease use of Content Migrator.
  • Hosted Version: For the first time you have access to a hosted version of the Content Migrator.

Vamosa is able to migrate both web and document content from any source into any source. Vamosa offers a number of OpenAccess Connectors for most content management systems including SharePoint 2007 and Vignette.  They also offer an API to build custom connectors if you don't see the one you need.

Vamosa Content Migrator

In addition, you can migrate content across multiple locations and languages all the while ensuring the content is extracted, transformed and loaded into the new location properly.

The Vamosa Content Migrator is available by subscription or as an on premise solution now.