Vasont CMS 12.1 Improves Multilingual Content Capabilities

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Vasont CMS 12.1 Includes Improved Multilingual Content Capabilit
Hitting version 12.1, Vasont (news, site) adds a store-once, use-many system to help make translation more efficient with its publishing-focused content management system

Vasont's last update hit back in April and now the multi-format publishing system for non-technical users gets another boost. The latest update to Vasont Content Management System goes a few more steps in beefing up its usefulness in the international arena.

Learning Opportunities

Having been in existence since 2002, in a SaaS offering nonetheless, Vasont has pretty much everything publishers need. But, there is always room for improvement. Features in the new update include:

  • Improved Translation: Vasont now works at a component or granular level. Once a component is translated, it is saved and doesn't have to be translated again, saving time and resources, assuming your company repeats lots of standard phrases over and over again.
  • Project Management: Vasont now includes drill down charts to help assess a project's health. Rescheduling has also been upgraded for both projects and component tasks. Modular management helps break down a big project into sub-components and it checks that these are all complete before allowing a project to be signed off and published.
  • Additional Enhancements: Further additions include vector graphics support, variant master data -- which checks for similar components to prevent duplication and encourage reuse and improved search to help find content.

Vasont is available in several versions including a Client/Server, Hosted and a Small Groups edition for smaller outfits.