Once the domain of niche players and home grown applications, established CMS vendors are moving into the realm of rich media asset management. One such well-known provider, Vignette, makes a play with the announcement of its Rich Media Services add-on module.The lean and mean extension of the latest Vignette Content Management release leverages an optimized user interface for the creation and management of rich media assets. This enhanced UI includes advanced image editing and automation features. When said rich media assets are ready for distribution, the add-on enables Vignette to deliver the assets to multiple channels and devices. Why is this so cool? Because Vignette Rich Media Services enables organizations in any industry with rich media management needs to create multiple variations of specific digital assets such as images, video metadata, podcasts, Adobe Flash, and other interactive components. While these assets may be in different sizes and formats, they can still be managed, approved, and published as one unique item. This flexibility takes a lot of heartache out of the process of delivering rich media content to numerous channels such as the PC, set-top box, and mobile applications. “Our Web properties have become increasingly multimedia focused, and videos, games and on-demand entertainment are just the tip of the iceberg,” said Hugo Lumsdon, new media systems architect at British Sky Broadcasting. “Vignette enables our content owners to streamline the management and approval process of any form of rich media, saving us time and allowing us to provide a more personalized experience to each subscriber.” Rich Media Services will also include other features such as: * Optimized user interface for streamlined management, editing, searching, and publishing * Full integration with Vignette Content Management * Thumbnail generation and metadata extraction for content reuse/repurposing * Image Manipulation (crop, resize, rotate and more) along with a personal shelf for managing favorites, recently uploaded or modified media * Web-based console featuring AJAX, inline actions and in-context editing for enhanced usability Sound enticing? Check out the Vignette website for pricing and more information.