Vignette has seen better days. This period the company's Q3 revenues are expected to fall 10 percent (between US$ 42 million and US$ 44 million), a significant disparity from the US$ 46 million to US$ 50 million it forecast in July. But life was good over the summer. Vignette had just built a hub of multimedia services. Tides are notably quick to turn. CEO Mike Aviles explains part of Vignette's current problem can be attributed to sub-par licensing revenue this quarter. But a tough Q3 hasn't stopped Vignette from powering forward. The company just announced the availability of a fresh version of Vignette Content Management.The new Vignette Content Management includes: * Customizable start pages for content providers * In-context editing, which turns websites into unique management interfaces for creating and modifying content. Whole pages can also be replicated throughout the site * Enhanced presentation management, with the inclusion of AJAX-based content components Now is as good a time as any to make the transition to Vignette, which has weathered its fair share of storms with a good deal of grace. Last month we published a how-to series on migrating content to Vignette v7.0. Check out parts one, two and three, then tell us -- from your experience -- how well Vignette stands up.