The recent release of WorkSimple’s Goal and Performance management platform is the first time an entire platform has been dedicated to creating a results-based environment where enterprise managers can access and create enterprise objectives in real-time rather than the usual quarterly or even yearly reviews.

According to the California-based company, the fact that WorkSimple can perform goal-related assessments in real-time makes it stand out, which in itself is noteworthy given how crowded the human capital management (HCM) space is getting in recent times.

In this respect Oracle’s (news, site) HCM component in its PeopleSoft Enterprise application springs to mind as does SAP’s (news, site) HCM element in its enterprise resource planning suite, or the ERP element of Microsoft’s (news, site) recently upgraded Dynamics applications.

Enterprise-wide Reporting

However, WorkSimple is a dedicated platform that, the company says, closes the gap between consumer applications and enterprise applications by providing a platform that everyone in the enterprise can access and use to assess their own performance based on set goals. Features include:

  • Real-time reports of productivity
  • Enterprise wide performance assessments
  • Assign persona, or departmental goals
  • Connect goal-related workers across the enterprise
  • Overall company performance reports


WorkSimple Reports: Compare employee and department performance and monitor the status of personal and department goals

Perhaps what’s even more exciting is that employees now have a friendly, collaborative environment that not only highlights their commitments and goals, but empowers them to create a true professional footprint within an organization,” Morgan Norman, CEO and Co-founder of WorkSimple said.

WorkSimple Dashboard: Review project status, and productivity of enterprise teams

Goal-Focused Collaboration

Targeted at the SMB market, he cites 37signals, LinkedIn and as examples of companies that have focused on user-friendly enterprise business applications, but says human capital management vendors have failed to give their products the same accessibility.


WorkSimple Directory: Joining work groups and identifying job roles View job roles

The company is also focusing on the collaborative aspect of the platform as one of its strong points and says that because of its flexibility, managers and employees can work together to adjust goals and business objectives according to business conditions.

And for enterprise managers there is also the element of being able to assess on a daily basis how productive employees and departments have been over the course of a day.

WorkSimple Goal Management is available now and priced at US$ 45 per user, per year.