XTM Suite V4.0 Boosts Automatic Language Translation

Translation is big business in the world of the global Web. XML-INTL (site) is a U.K. company specializing in making it happen for corporates wanting to get their voice across in any tongue.

Talking With A Global Voice

XTM Suite 4 is a collection of tools that can be applied whole, or in part, to your organization's IT system to help convert documents from one language to another. A major update from last November's V3.3, it offers many improvements and additional features. Running on Windows, Mac or Linux and supporting MySQL, Oracle, Postgre and MySQL server, it can be applied pretty much anywhere. It uses standards like W3C ITS, OAXAL and many others to ensure it will work with your applications.

Supporting most document formats, including PDF, Vision and Adobe INCX files, it can read text from almost anywhere and make it available for translation. Once read, it is converted to XML by the XTM Engine and is broken down into sentences and translated by a variety of technical methods including in-context, fuzzy and leveraged matching.

Once translated, the document can be viewed in the XTM Workbench, updated in V4 with improved toolbars, where human reviewers can check its accuracy and meaning. Problems can be tagged for terminologists to solve, checks can be made (for example, to ensure that standardized and correct terminology is used across the company). Large teams can work together across a number of documents thanks to a unified workflow structure.

The other parts of the suite include XTM Terminology that becomes a standard dictionary for all your company's or industry's jargon, terms and phraseology. The workflow section helps manage projects and can generate statistics from any part of the workflow.

Available as a server-installed system or hosted application, XML-INTL claims XTM Suite 4.0 is infinitely scalable and is available for a free trial.