Zylabs Gets Top Recognition from Gartner

With e-Discovery a top priority for most enterprise organizations, the decision on which software vendor product to use can be difficult. There are many products and solutions on the market today that claim to help you organize and keep track of your data. For many, research reports from the top analysts are a tool to help in the decision making process.

This is a good thing for ZyLAB, an information access solutions vendor. They have just received the highest rating possible in analyst firm Gartner's MarketScope for E-Discovery Software Product Vendors, 2008. 

Gartner's Marketscope for e-Discovery

We are all familiar with the Gartner Marketscope reports. It seems like every vendor is thrilled to be mentioned positively in one them by the number of press releases that hit the streets when a new report comes out.

In this case, the e-Discovery report includes products and services that the enable any type of electronically stored information be "identified, preserved, collected, processed, reviewed, produced and managed over a period of time."

A Strong-Positive for ZyLAB

ZyLAB produces a number of products to help you with your information needs. Their e-Discovery solution called the ZyIMAGE e-Discovery suite is an integrated solution used to capture, structure, investigate and disclose information. It is built on an XML data repository and provides a number of tools accessible via the browser to manage information.

In the Gartner report, a Strong-Positive means the vendor is a top provider of e-discovery solutions and should be consider a strong choice when selecting a solution.

Not the Only Analyst Recognition

A top mention in the Gartner Marketscope is just one recognition ZyLAB has received. It also received top mention in IDC's Worldwide Capture & Image Management Software 2008 – 2012 Forecast and Analysis Report.

In this report it was noted that,  “ZyLAB combines strong capture and classification technology with a proprietary search engine, along with records management and content management facilities.”

The ZyIMAGE Information Access Platform, an archiving and information management solution again based on an XML repository received top mentions.

Based on both these analyst mentions, it sounds like ZyLAB has your information management needs well in hand.

You can learn more about the company and its solutions from the reports or on their website.