When we look back at GRC, there are some stories that stand out more than others. In 2010, the enterprise embraced social media and with that came questions and challenges about how to effectively manage it. In addition, the rise of cloud computing posed storage problems for companies’ unstructured data. Let’s take a look at the year’s top stories.

1. Social Media Compliance

At the beginning of the year, companies questioned the importance of integrating social media into the workforce. By the fall, it was clear that they couldn’t escape its presence. As a result social media monitoring tools began to be used in an effort to police, moderate, archive and analyze social media messaging.

2. Cloud & Collaboration

As many companies began to integrate the cloud as a storage solution, many also questioned the cloud’s security and legality. From federal governments to defense contractors to financial institutions, the cloud proved to be too good to resist. However, they weren’t as eager to develop policies designed to govern their data on the cloud.

3. Privacy & Encryption

As technologies improve to make it more convenient to share information, it usually turns out that the information shared isn’t well protected. The same proved true for companies and individuals who learned that popular sites, from Facebook to Adobe Reader to Google, had the potential to have their data exploited. As a result, companies were behooved to become more serious about cyber security and institute subsequent policies.

4. eDiscovery & Risk Management

From a legal standpoint, governing data doesn’t just help protect sensitive information. Having policies in place makes companies more defensible in the event of litigation, and it helps diminish liability. As more companies embrace social media, the role of eDiscovery expands beyond dusty files to include an abundance of unstructured data across all types of platforms. 2010 also saw more companies bring eDiscovery efforts in-house, either to cut down on costs, or because solutions have advanced to manage data from a single platform.

5. Email Security

Though the popularity of social media, most companies use email to communicate and share information. Yet it’s often the least governed. Many employees can send and receive sensitive information, which can be hard to track. 2010 gave way to a slew of new management solutions designed to govern email compliance.