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  • A Look Back at GRC in 2010

    When we look back at GRC, there are some stories that stand out more than others. In 2010, the enterprise embraced social media and with that came questions and challenges about how to effectively manage it. In addition, the rise of cloud computing posed storage problems for companies’ unstructured data.

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  • MessageGate Unwraps Email Compliance Updates

    MessageGate, a provider of enterprise email governance solutions, says that after doing extensive customer and market research, they have upgraded their product to include features to help customers better control email going into, out of, and across the organization.

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  • Upgraded EMC Products Aim to Simplify Governance

    In order to help customers better manage their electronically stored information while also meeting internal and external governance requirements, EMC has delivered new versions of both their email and file system archiving solutions.In a refreshing display of common sense, EMC EmailXtender version 4.

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