Enterprise collaboration company Yammer (news, site) opens up its AIR-powered desktop product, offering advanced social networking and messaging features.

Yammer Getting Everywhere

My history with enterprise collaboration tool Yammer has been a varied experience. I first started using it within a browser window, then moved up to YammerFox for friendlier pop-ups in Firefox, then came the (recently updated) iPhone version and now we're going back to the desktop with Yammer Desktop 2.0.

The new version has been rewritten and presents a practical set of tabs in a modest window, with the current feed, direct messages, notifications and a search option. New messages can pop up over the desktop if you like and everything works in real time, without the need to keep a browser or the app on top of your desktop.


Yammer brings the power of the mobile and web apps to the desktop

Nice Threads!

The new app makes it easier to follow conversations, with replies displayed underneath the original message, and if you work with many colleagues, notifications are on a different tab to keep them distinct -- plus you can stop them pinging up on the desktop if you get lots of them.

The search option is handy in itself, but there is also the ability to create topics that users can tag messages with, allowing people to find related old content via subject searches more easily. There is also the ability to use direct messaging for private chats and to view files attached to your messages.

Available for Windows and Mac, there is now no excuse for missing a Yammer message, no matter where you are or what you're doing.