Inmagic Brings Virtual Collaboration to Member-based Orgs
Inmagic (news, site) unveiled Presto AssociatioNet today, specifically giving member-based organizations a more resourceful pool to turn to for information and collaboration.


Essentially, the application creates virtual environments (a.k.a. Social Knowledge Networks) that facilitate collaboration by combining vetted content with community tools. Both staff and members can access an array of content, share insights, and do that whole collaboration bit with regards to the mission of the association and its membership community. 

Here's a general idea of what Inmagic's communities combine: 


Built on the company's SKN technology, AssociatioNet houses a handful of features and capabilities, including: 

  • Searchable, indexed information: Both digital and physical assets (documents, books, images, video, etc.) and social content (blogs, forums, comments, profiles) are searchable and accessible to organization members.
  • Intelligent Alerts: New content can be pushed to members. Users can also choose alerts when updates to documents, profiles, blogs, or comments occur.
  • Content Collections: A set of records that users can access from the “Browse” menu, as an alternative to searching. Collections provide a way of grouping content type record instances within user-defined categories.
  • Multiple search options: Use “Quick Search” to input a query and search across all content types such as profiles, blogs, and forum posts. Use the “Advanced Search” to explore within a single content type.
  • Info Cart: Members can request specific materials using an online form, and track activity for reporting.
  • Blogs and Forums: Social capabilities allow end users to contribute ideas, share information and discuss best practices amongst themselves and with association staff, which can speed information access, research, and discovery.
  • Rapid return on investments and cost effective deployment option:. Inmagic’s Presto AssociatioNet Quick Start program gets you up and running quickly. Flexible deployment options (on-premise or hosted by Inmagic) are available to meet your unique computing requirements.

“Now more than ever, it is crucial for associations to be viewed as indispensible resources and productivity centers,” says Ron Matros, CEO of Inmagic. “Today’s leading associations are quickly recognizing the benefit of content-centric socialization—where core knowledge is collected, organized, and socialized to increase awareness, provide relevant information quickly, encourage patronage, and help staff and members achieve their objectives.” 

This is surely a step up from the recently enhanced Presto platform, which was released with a focus on discussion platforms and content relations. 

If you're involved with a member-based org and are interested in Inmagic, check out more information here