It's your (and my) data that has made LinkedIn (news, site) the company it is today -- shouldn't we get a slice of its IPO pie?

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If Skype isn't going to IPO, thanks to the Microsoft deal, then LinkedIn sure as heck is. The professional/social outfit is going with a US$260+ million offering (ranging around US$ 32-35 per share).

While it'd be nice to think that the hard-working users whose data, input and information provides LinkedIn with the power to make its money would be rewarded in some way, somehow, we think not.

The actual beneficiaries of the IPO deal will be the company's chairman Reid Hoffman, who is the largest shareholder with 21.4% ownership. Next up will be the venture capital investors, Sequoia Capital and Bessemer. This issue would value the overall company at US$ 3 billion.

Making Money

The company is generating a profit, putting a positive light on the IPO, with last quarter income of just over US$ 2 million on revenue of almost US$ 94 million. In the stock filing, LinkedIn plans to use the US$ 174 million it will make from the sale to boost sales and marketing activities.

The company will appear under the ticker of LNKD on the NYSE and interest on the issue is expected to be high among institutional investors, particularly those who will be lost in the bull rush of any Facebook IPO later on.