At info360 this week, we’ve had the privilege of meeting with vendors, CEOs and other industry thought leaders. With so much going on, we’ve decided to make our interactions as dynamic as we can. From videos with vendors posted on Facebook, live tweets and updates, as well as articles highlighting the overarching themes and principles. In addition to our traditional coverage, we hope to provide a summary of our interviews thus far.

Intelledox: Smart Document Assembly

We met with Phil Jacobs, Chief Marketing Officer at Intelledox. The Australian-based company is considering their visit to Washington, DC, their soft launch into the United States. Known for their work with the Australian government, Intelledox has transformed the way governments, and other highly regulated industries work.

During our brief meeting, we discussed what Intelledox calls Content Chaos, a concept that describes the massive amounts of unstructured data and the challenge that companies face when creating and management documents. Intelledox insists that they know how to prevent and reduce content chaos. Their white paper of the same name illustrates their streamlined approach, which primarily consists of applying simple solutions to solve complex problems.

From automating document assembly systems to regain order, to designing interfaces that make it easy to navigate, Intelledox helps to break down the rigid data silos to enhance the usefulness of existing ECMs and other systems, all while cutting costs and increasing productivity.

Not Just a PDF: BlueBeam Evolves the Portable Document Format

We caught up with Don Jacob, VP of engineering at Bluebeam. They have taken the PDF to new heights. It used to be that a PDF was just an inaccessible word document. Not anymore. Thanks to Bluebeam, a PDF has been transformed into a multi-dimensional, collaborative and evolving document, functional for engineers, designers, architects and everyone else who needs to be involved in the process of creating, building and managing the infrastructures that keep traffic flowing on water, sea and air (and beyond -- Bluebeam helped design the robotic arms of the Mars Rover).


Thanks to Bluebeam, PDFs are living, breathing documents designed to enhance collaboration and streamline workflows, while maintaining high levels of transparency and interoperability. As social engagement evolves within the enterprise, it’s comforting to know that you need not abandon traditional formats. It’s even more comforting to know that traditional formats are keeping up.

OpenText Opens Up

This morning we met with Lubor Ptacek, VP of Product Marketing at OpenText to talk about the emerging role of social media in the enterprise. Of course, OpenText is more than just social media, as its primary function fills the ECM space. Yet, as we all know, social engagement, in whatever form it takes, is a driving force within companies today. However, many still don’t know exactly how to implement and manage social collaboration.

For those companies that have embraced it, they are facing other issues when it comes to records management, search and discovery as well as mobility. Good thing that OpenText is ready to tackle these issues as well. With two recent acquisitions, WeComm and MetaStorm, OpenText now has the technology to handle the enterprise’s evolving landscape.