Open Text (news, site) is strengthening its mobile strategy today with the acquisition of London-based mobile application platform provider weComm -- any device, everywhere.

Open Text Everywhere

Everywhere is Open Text's native mobile application. It offers a mobile version of Open Text's enterprise content management platform. It's a custom application designed to support all aspects of the the Open Text ECM platform, from managing content to participating in workflow activities to collaborating (read the details in Open Text Everywhere: Mobile Apps for Enterprise CMS).

Open Text Everywhere was released on the Blackberry in March. But as we all know, the Blackberry isn't the only mobile device that needs to be supported in the enterprise.

Which is why it makes perfect sense that Open Text, needing to get its mobile ECM app out to many different devices quickly, would go out and acquire a company that can help it do just that.

weComm -- Mobile App Platform

London-based weComm offers a mobile application platform that support the creation of applications for multiple devices. weComm's platform, called WAVE, is device-agnostic, which means Open Text will be able to provide its application across the 900 devices that WAVE currently supports, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Eugene Roman, Chief Technology Officer at Open Text, said,

This advanced technology allows our customers to rapidly deliver highly functional apps on all types of devices economically, giving them an enormous edge over their competitors both in efficiency and time to market.”

Open Text, WEM

But this acquisition will not just support the continued development of Open Text Everywhere. Its web experience management platform will also gain considerable capabilities to support its growth in the WEM market.

We all know that the mobile channel is a key area of growth, and every vendor needs to have a solution in its arsenal to support this channel. We've seen what Adobe is doing, as well as CoreMedia, FatWire and others. The acquisition of weComm will help Open Text get its mobile offering up-to-speed quickly (assuming the integration process is fairly straightforward).

The details of the this acquisition have not been provided. What we do know is that it is expected to be completed sometime this quarter.