Today is a day that Adobe customers, and many in the content management industry, have been expecting. Adobe has announced the availability of its Web Experience Management Suite (WEM), a combination of CQ 5.4 and the Online Marketing Suite (i.e Day CQ 5.4 and Omniture). 

Adobe & Customer Experience Management

Adobe's WEM solution is the first in a line of solutions that will come from Adobe's integrated Customer Experience Management (CEM) suite. 

In a conversation with Kevin Cochrane, VP of Enterprise Marketing for Adobe, we were told that Adobe was putting together a unified platform across all channels that is contextually aware. What this is, is the combination of Adobe LiveCycle, Adobe CQ5,  Adobe Creative Suite and Adobe Online Marketing Suite.


Adobe and WEM

Adobe's WEM offering is coming at a time when Web Experience (or Web Engagement) is one of the most widely discussed and needed solutions for organizations. With the website just one of just a number of different channels to communicate and engage with customers and potential customers, organizations are looking for the tools that will help them work across channels in a way that maintains context and offers a relevant, consistent experience. So, remember me, where I've been and what I've done across all channels and respond to me appropriately.


But it's not like Adobe was spending years in the office perfecting their WEM offering. The core of this solution is former Day Software's CQ 5.4 which Day offered up a sneak peek at during its Ignite conferences late last year (have a look at some of the highlights of that sneak peek). However, what was shown at DayIgnite wasn't the final version of CQ 5.4 that we get with Adobe CQ 5.4, so let's take a closer look at what's new and improved:

CQ5 Mobile

The new mobile module offers organizations the ability to deliver rich mobile web experiences. The mobile experience automatically adapts to the device you are using. CQ5 stores information on over 4000 difference devices, allowing you to group them into categories and classes with common sets of features. 


You can drag and create components to create your mobile experience and view what it will look like in a number of different emulators, including:

  • Touch phones with full web browser represented by HTC Magic and HTC Touch Diamond
  • Touch tablet with full web browser represented by Samsung Galaxy Tab Phones with limited web browser represented by BlackBerry Bold
  • Phones with small screen and limited web browser represented by Sony Ericsson W800


Mobile Device Definitions

Add to this, the ability to manage your content via mobile device, including on the iPad, and Adobe CQ 5.4 has what you need to offer a consistent, rich experience across multiple channels.

CQ5 Marketing Campaign Management

Marketing Campaign Management, MCM, is another new module with CQ 5.4. It provides integrated campaign management capabilities that are multi-channel and multi-device. Including it directly within CQ 5 offers marketers the same authoring experience that they get with managing both web and mobile content.

You can import your leads for list management, and along with user traffic information, analyze and segment based on particular patterns.

Not only can you emulate mobile devices when working on the mobile experience, you can also emulate many of the popular mail clients within MCM. In addition you can view your campaign emails by your leads, providing even more information on how that experience will look.


CQ5 Social Collaboration

CQ 5.4 improves its social collaboration capabilities through the addition of forums which are essentially communities for customers, partners, employees and other groups. These forums are completely integrated in the website experience.

Also new are workflow-based moderation tools that ensure content is approved prior to publishing. A Social Admin interface provide easy management.

Integration with Online Marketing Suite

CQ5 and Adobe's Online Marketing Suite are not new to each other. Day Software had a number of customer who integrated Omniture's Site Catalyst and Test and Target capabilities. What you get now though is a seamless unification of these two solutions to provide even greater management of customer experiences.

With a couple of clicks a marketing analyst can set up a baseline integration, reducing implementation time greatly. Both of these solutions expand on the capabilities that CQ 5 already offers within its MCM solution.

Managing the Customer Experience

As we said, Adobe's WEM solution is just the first of a number of solutions that will come on the new unified CEM suite. CQ 5.4 has been running in beta since it was previewed at Ignite in October of last year. There are currently 40+ partners and customers using it, so it's been put through its paces.

Cochrane indicated that Adobe is demonstrating its commitment to the existing CQ 5.4 roadmap and even accelerating it with new capabilities, like the Online Marketing Suite integration. Later this year, we will see additional solutions offered on the CEM platform and in 2012 we will see CQ 5.5 and a cloud offering.

Adobe's WEM solution is what we have been expecting since the Day Software acquisition was finalized. Day's CQ 5 was already well known for its WEM capabilities in the Web Content Management market, so this is a way for Adobe to hit the ground running. What will be interesting to see is what comes next on the CEM platform. Will it be tight integration between CQ 5.4 and Livecycle, between CQ 5.4 and Adobe Creative Suite, or something else that will support a unified customer experience?