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Day Ignite kicked off today in Chicago. The theme of Day Software’s (news, site) Innovation Summit is "get mobile and get social." Equipping every attendee with an iPad helps to reach those goals. The theme was also reflected in Day CTO David Nuescheler’s presentation: What's New with CQ5: Sneak Peek into CQ 5.4.

At the beginning of the preso, Nuescheler admitted that counting to 10 is something he is not very good at, as he always goes over in his traditional top 10 faves and shows a lot more. This time was no exception.

Day Software included over 800 enhancements into CQ5.4, while still keeping the focus on the different stakeholders you normally see in an organization. CMO and business (with site owners, authors), and CIO and IT (with developers and systems).

cq5.4 welcome screen.png

Day CQ5.4 welcome screen (note the new buttons)

With that in mind, here are Nuescheler’s top 10 faves in the upcoming (Q1 2011) CQ5.4.

10 - Sporty Spirit

CQ5.4 is faster, higher, stronger. Many pieces of enterprise software get fatter and more bloated with each release. Day is getting faster with improved start-up time. “I have a pet peeve with start-up times... CQ5.4 starts in 11 seconds,” said Nuescheler. Page rendering time has improved as well.

Nuescheler also said the company wants to make sure the upgrade path is easy. And then did an on-the-fly demo of upgrading to 5.4.

The process went like this: drop a new .jar into CQ5.3, rename the new .jar, delete the old .jar. Restart and you’re on CQ5.4. Nothing (from what he clicked on ;) ) seemed to be broken, audience’s applause followed shortly.

As for stronger, Day did a tough day on CQ5.4 by load-testing the new version with the worst possible day in a life of a CQ5 instance. It was multiplied in batches of 10. The goal was to have the system completely usable while being hammered by this attack. And in the demo it was…

9 - Share Nothing

You may remember CQ5.3 clustering, where cluster nodes had a shared system between them. In real life, sometimes, it is hard to get shared infrastructure.

In CQ5.4, you can cluster two different boxes that share nothing. Changes made in one instance of the cluster are replicated to another one.

share nothing.jpg

Day CQ 5.4 Share Nothing

If you can ping the other box, you can join the cluster.

8 – HTML5 Refresh

The starter site called Geometrixx that Day Software ships with its CQ Web CMS product has been redone in HTML5 with carousels and the whole nine yards.

This change led to changing some of the underpinnings as well. Nuescheler showed an example of a text component that had close to 50 lines of code. In CQ5.4, there was about 2 lines of code.

7 – Authoring HTML5

Nothing says HTML5 more than video, said Nuescheler. End-users don’t need to be bothered with video formats and transcoding, they want a nice and easy way of shooting a video and publishing it to the site. And this is exactly what Nuescheler by taking a quick video with his phone and uploading it into CQ5 (drag-and-drop, of course, and another round of applause from the audience).

CQ5.4 can manage video for iPhone, iPad, Android, Web, Flash, and with automatic transcoding.

Have images on your local drive? Drag-and-drop them straight into your browser. Easy.

6 – Workflow Flows

The overhauled workflow engine in CQ5.4 will allow drag-and-drop ability to add steps and/or users and tasks, customize tasks.


Workflow in Day CQ5.4

5 – Usable Reports

Organizations have all sorts of questions. And they get all sorts of reports (that may not necessarily answer their questions). And it is actually difficult to get those reports.

CQ5.3 reporting framework is based on the following principles: scalable, extensible, easy to use.

Component Report-1.png

Component reporting in CQ5.4

What used to be mission impossible has found the other dimension. Using extensible report generators CQ users can look at their sites from many perspectives: how many components on a page, which pages have the most content. Add to that the dimension of time. The system takes snapshots of data and keeps statistic info to show the data over time: hourly, daily, or however you want to dice it.

4 – Profiles and Forums

In CQ5.4 they added community space in the OOTB website in addition to the existing segmentation and profile management features. Tied in with the clickstream cloud, this allows users to load up new profiles and simulate conversations on the forum.

3 – Annotate and More

Workflow comments are, typically, very boring and could be more useful. In CQ5.4, you can drop in color-coded sticky notes with comment and draw right on the page if you need to provide additional commentary. This makes the conversation around content editing much more interactive.

Strategic Consulting-1.png

2 – Campaigns

Web and mobile are the usual suspects in the multichannel content delivery. Day is adding Marketing Campaign Management (MCM) to this.

Once you acquire a list of contacts, you can import it into CQ5 MCM, create a newsletter and send it out -- all within the same framework. You can emulate your campaigns in different email apps to see what they would look like in Gmail vs. MS Outlook, know and track user actions, use that data for targeting.

1 – Embrace Mobile

It's not a surprise to anyone these days that mobile ranks quite high on WCM vendors' priority lists. The mobile channel is not a subset, it’s a channel on its own and a very different one.

There have been detected over 17k mobile devices. Day broke them down into 3 groups: feature, smart and touch phones. Then, of course, there’s the game changer – the tablet, which comes with limited content editing and authoring.

In CQ5.4, users can simulate how the content they offer would look like on a variety of mobile devices. And mobile content authoring experience, of course, comes with simple drag-and-drop.

Super Bonus

As expected, Nuescheler didn’t stop with the top 10. There was 1 super bonus feature: mobile apps. All attendees experienced firsthand how the Ignite application works on the iPads they received. The Ignite app runs on the Day CQ5 stack, where all content and applications are managed centrally.

Another mobile app example is CQ5 Go. This is an inbox management app for CQ5 workflows. It’s a native and hybrid (both for iPad and iPhone) application.

cq5 go mobile app.png

Day CQ5.4 mobile workflow app

The app has a complete touch user interface, where you can edit content and preview the change right there, and then promote it through the workflow -- all on the go from your mobile device.

Bonus to the Bonus

Let’s count… Nuescheler’s top 12 fave was application deployment powered by CQ5. How you deploy content is the same how you deploy apps. In CQ5.4, apps can be published and synced just like that new press release you put out.

For more scoop on what Day is up to, check out #dayignite Twitter feed. And be sure to keep an eye out for CEM...