Not sure which company's logo to use... Goodbye, Day Software, as we knew you. Hello, Adobe WCM/CEM, or Adobe super-duper content authoring, or whatever it is Adobe will rebrand Day to.

The deal is a done deal though, as announced earlier, with more than 98% of shares in Adobe’s pockets. The acquisition is final.

As you may have heard, Adobe is focusing on CEM -- Customer Experience Management -- across all channels. Day and its CQ5 Web CMS and CRX will be an important part of the CEM proposition.

So far, the main news items are as follows:

  • Adobe wants to embrace OSGi (comes in handy after the debate about whether Adobe will let Day roll with its open source adventures). What about JCR and JSRs then?
  • Day Software stays as a brand for now, with Adobe logo attached closely to it and a note along the lines of “Day Software is now part of Adobe”
  • Day boasts their Q3 2010 that ended September 30 being the record quarter ever in the company’s history.
  • Day will be incorporated as a new product line in Adobe’s Digital Enterprise Solutions business unit.

Key Personnel After the Buy

Under Rob Tarkoff, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Adobe Digital Enterprise Solutions (DESBU), we will see the usual Day suspects.

As per the offer prospectus, the following managerial personnel of Day will remain onboard with new employment contracts:

  • Erik Hansen, in the function of CEO Day Software (VP DESBU) (current function: CEO and member of the board of directors of Day).
  • Richard Francis, in the function of CFO Day Software (Finance Director DESBU) (current function: CFO of Day).
  • David Nuescheler, in the function of Vice President Products & Technology, Day Software (current function: CTO and member of the board of directors of Day).
  • Kevin Cochrane, in the function of Vice President Solutions and Product Marketing (current function: CMO of Day).
  • Roy T. Fielding, in the function of Principal Scientist (current function: Chief Scientist of Day)
  • Jean-Michel Pittet, in the function of Director of Engineering (current function: Senior Vice President Engineering of Day).

This doesn’t mean yet there will be any headcount cuts for the rest of the Day population.

Despite what you may have heard about a complete dismantle of the Day board of directors, it doesn’t really matter who stays on the board, as it will be replaced by Adobe forces anyway, once all the loose bits of the deal are tied.

As ever, we will keep you posted as we know more.