As previously reported, Adobe (news, site) announced its intention to acquire Web CMS and Social Collaboration maker Day (news, site). The deal is now nearly final with more than 94% of the outstanding shares of Day Software Holding AG in Adobe's pocket.

Those shareholders who haven't sold their publicly held registered shares have from October 11 to October 22, 2010, to do so. Adobe is paying US$ 144.21 (139 Swiss Francs ) per share. As of Oct. 4, 2010, 4:00 p.m. CEST, at the end of the initial offer period (the Offer Period), 94.18% of shares (or 1,503,804 Day shares) have been tendered.

The total size of the deal is at about US$ 240 million. The Offer Prospectus outlines all kinds of conditions, and subject to the satisfaction of some of them Adobe declares the offer successful. Soon, we should see the birth of a new flavor of Web Engagement Management - a little fella called CEM (Customer Experience Management).

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A lot of the above is speculation and educated guesses. However, Day Ignite Chicago -- a customer and partner event -- is coming up later this week. Stay tuned, we may hear something about the future of #AdobeDay then. Or is it #MicroBe?