Open Text Integrates Web Experience Management and Rich Media Management Platforms

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Open Text Integrates Its Web Experience Management and Rich Media Management Platforms
Open Text (newssite) has put together another piece of the enterprise content management integration puzzle. This time it's web experience management and rich media.

Who Needs Access to Rich Media?

Well, that's a pretty obvious answer isn't it? It certainly is if you are managing the online web presence of your organization. After all, the ability to deliver rich media has become almost a must-have capability (see Irina Guseva's article DAM Needs More Love).

And so we see that Open Text has resolved that issue within their own systems. A new integration between Open Text Web Experience Management (or Vignette Content Management) and Open Text Media Management. This new integration makes it easier for interactive marketers to access and pull digital assets from the DAM system, providing them to various online channels and devices.

Learning Opportunities

Says Open Text Vice President of Product Marketing, Lubor Ptacek:

"Our commitment to delivering complete, powerful solutions to our customers has never been stronger and Open Tex Web Experience Management and Media Management are key pieces of that puzzle. By ensuring that these two solutions communicate directly, we help customers lower total cost of producing, distributing and monetizing digital media content across multiple channels."

Not much else to say here. Just another step in putting together that patchwork quilt that Irina alluded to last year. There's certainly much more to come.