MangoSpring's (news, site) free domains will expire at the end of January, as the company moves to a trial and pay system.

Upgrade to a Paying Account

It is raining new plans as the enterprise collaboration company tries to convert users who have been enjoying its free services into paying for them. For example, the new Copper plan offers access for up to three users at US$ 49.95 per application. MangoSpring launched its MangoApps 2.0 suite last Fall. The plans go all the way up to Platinum at US$ 1,500 a month.

Existing users will get a 20% discount when they upgrade to any of the packages. MangoApps 2.0 includes Talk, Events, Ideas, Projects, Tasks, Chat and other segments to offer a full collaboration and social suite. These cloud services are offered under a user's own company domain, and its this that's getting the chop as a free feature.

or Move It

If you don't want to take advantage of any of MangoSpring's services or plans, then you have until January 31 to get a local backup of your data before it, and the domain, is deleted. An email was sent to users last week, so those who tried it and out and don't like it should have plenty of time to grab any lingering data.

Companies who are new in signing to MangoSuite, can sign up for a 30-day trial and test the offering which has recently seen network admin improvements, portal updates, version control and cloud document management via a desktop application.

Coming Next

Cloud collaboration is all the rage at the moment, so MangoSpring isn't standing still. A recent blog post highlights upcoming features including a 2.0 update to MangoTasks with new lifecycle stages, drag-and-drop prioritization, time logs and reports, and other additions. With apps available in the cloud, on iPad, Android and BlackBerry, MangoSpring is ideal for distributed or mobile workforces.

Further planned enhancements are also lined up for the project collaboration, document management and event management features plus blog support across all apps, encryption and a new look to the website.