MangoApps 2.0 Aims to Outdo Both Yammer and Chatter
Want further proof that microblogging is on the rise? An enterprise social software company called MangoSpring (news, site) just released MangoApps 2.0, a social suite they say is already everything the upcoming Yammer platform wants to be. 

MangoApps 2.0

With microblogging heating its core, MangoApps 2.0 was designed to help enterprise teams do what any other social tool aims to help them do: boost collaboration. The suite offers a virtual ton of of technology:


MangoApps 2.0 concept map

It might seem a bit intimidating, but don't fret, MangoSpring has developed a handful of strategies for helping users deal with the weight of enterprse collaboration:

  • Deployment Support: MangoApps supports all three major deployment models: multi-tenant SaaS, single-tenant SaaS, and on-premise.
  • Application Modularity: Pay only for what you need. Because MangoApps is modular, users can purchase applications in an a-la-carte fashion. 
  • Integration with Third-Party Applications: Version 2.0 provides users with the opportunity to integrate popular third-party platforms such as Google Apps, as well as the ability to automatically sync from the desktop, and two-way integration with e-mail.

“Business collaboration has reached an inflection point in which businesses of all sizes are recognizing that their teams need to better collaborate for them to compete most effectively,” said Anup Kejriwal, CEO of MangoSpring. “Watching companies like Yammer & Salesforce move into our space is an incredible validation of the vision that we’ve had in place for several years now.

The Enterprise Microblogging Shark Tank

Speaking of Yammer and Salesforce, both companies have recently released pretty strong updates of their own. Details of's second version of Chatter are being leaked a mere three months after version one hit the public market, and Yammer is stepping into the enterprise social suite game full-force style with what sounds like an entire social network built on top of their microblogging platform (not to mention today's upcoming product announcement at TechCrunch Disrupt). 

So how does the MangoApps suite measure up? According to the company,  their communication engine, MangoTalk, outdoes both Chatter and Yammer on almost every front:




MangoTalk vs. Chatter vs. Yammer



"...we have listened closely to our customers to deliver the industry’s most advanced set of collaboration features, which are packaged in a highly intuitive user interface that requires zero training and is a great deal more economical than competing solutions," continued Kejriwal. 

Of course, Yammer and are no small players, and their ability to tack on features as they become popularized is cherry pie. Still, MangoSpring seems to have a pretty solid offering, and this is certainly the right time to get a foot in the enterprise collaboration door. 

Perhaps, in the end, it'll all come down to affordability. The MangoApps suite ranges from free (for up to 10 users) to US$ 1500 per month for 200 users. Check out their plans, as well as a 30 day trial, here