Chatter 2 Boosts E2.0 Collaboration, but is it Enough?
Though's (news, site) enterprise collaboration platform, Chatter,  just hit the market in June, the CRM company is already back with a look into version two-dot-oh. Unsurprisingly, Chatter 2 features even more social goodness than its predecessor, including the ability to "follow" files, dashboard updates, etc.

Built to work just like Facebook and Twitter, Chatter positions itself as a fun and familiar way to meet the ever-changing collaboration and communications needs of businesses. Version 2 will expand on this idea by allowing users to follow documents and dashboards just as they follow colleagues today. This enables users to keep tabs on changes, developments, etc. 

Further, the update will reportedly supply consumers with features they've been begging for, such as: 

  • Recommendations: Thanks to some nifty algorithms, Chatter 2 will recommend colleagues to follow or groups to join based on a user's connections.
  • Desktop: An Adobe Air desktop client will provide pop-up alerts from the Chatter feed. 
  • Analytics: Create reports and dashboards on Chatter usage.
  • Files: Drag-and-drop files directly into Chatter.
  • Search: A new toolbar scans feeds, files, updates and comments in real-time. 
  • E-mail digest: A daily or weekly recap of the latest posts from feeds.
  • Chatter Central: A spankin' new home page where users can find tons of useful Chatter information:


Chatter 2.0 - Chatter Central

Making a Case for Enterprise 2.0 Microblogging

According to Salesforce, Chatter is the company's most successful product launch. But while the CRM specialists are rejoicing at the success of a solution that promotes business outside of the sales and customer service departments, competitors are busy working on sharks of their own. 

For example, Yammer turned several heads with talk of an upcoming fully-loaded enterprise social network, and players like MangoSpring and SocialText are also doing their part to expand on the enterprise microblogging game. 

Chatter 2 is slated for an October release, so we'll have to wait until then to see how it measures up.