It was only a matter of time. Telligent (news, site) has announced that its platform now integrates with SharePoint 2010, in beta at least.

Tightening the Microsoft Relationship

Telligent is built on the Microsoft platform, so one would assume that integration with SharePoint would come easily. The platform already integrates with SharePoint 2007, so 2010 is a natural next step right?

Well, it's not always that easy. Especially if you want more than a superficial "integration". The Telligent integration appears to go both ways, you have access to SharePoint document libraries within Telligent Communities and access to Telligent communities within SharePoint 2010.

Notable capabilities include:

  • Modify SharePoint documents inside Telligent Enterprise including check in/out, editing, versioning and more.
  • Connect Telligent Media Libraries with SharePoint document libraries maintaining security context between the two. Once linked, documents within the Media Library are automatically copied and maintained within SharePoint.
  • Consolidated activity streams ensure a single point of reference for what is happening across communities and SharePoint 2010 sites.


SharePoint Document Management

Currently the integration is purely with Document libraries, although Telligent did tell us that Lists integration will come.

Telligent points out that this is only the beginning of the integration with Microsoft's latest technologies laying the foundation for integration with Microsoft Lync Server 2010 (also known as Communications Server).

Telligent SharePoint-Version-History-Screenshot.jpg

Telligent, SharePoint version history

Strong Year, Big Changes Internally

It's been a good year for Telligent. On January 21, 2011, CIO UK named Telligent as one of the Twenty Companies to Watch in 2011. The company also announced record revenues for the last quarter, a new office in Paris and a number of updates to its leadership team.

And of course, we told you about Telligent Mobile for the Evolution platform that came out last month.

We're trying to dig up some screen shots of the SharePoint 2010/Telligent Enterprise integration, so keep an eye out for that.