Join us this week for what red-blooded techies sadistically hope will be the catfight of the year. This Wednesday at the Gilbane Conference in SF, seniors at Microsoft and Google debate enterprise search and information access.Gilbane and LISA team up to kick off the beginning of a CM conference trifecta taking place in sunny California. The Microsoft and Google debate has been incorporated into the opening keynote and is expected to be a lively conversation at the least, considering the information giants are competing for mindshare in multiple arenas. (Read about their recent and virtually simultaneous leap into OpenAjax). One area in which both are presently taking aggressive steps is that of enterprise search. Over the course of the keynote, senior project managers answer lingering questions about each conglomo's future plans, which are expected to directly influence enterprise information access and content management strategies throughout the industry. Panelists include Jared Spataro, group product manager of enterprise search at Microsoft, and Nitin Mangtani, lead product manager of Google Search Appliance at Google. The keynote and keynote panel are open to all attendees or guests, and will run from 8:30-10:15 AM. It will be followed by a brief coffee break, followed by the technology showcase itself. Other discussions-cum-wars-in-the-make include topics related to content technologies with IBM, Adobe and Oracle. The gathering also includes a few interesting pre-conference tutorials: * Web Content Management Systems: Architectures & Products, a half-day working group with Tony Byrne, founder of CMS Watch and publisher of CMS Report * Search: Navigating the Selection and Procurement Process with Lynda Moulton, the lead analyst of enterprise search at The Gilbane Group * Principles of Web Operations Management (WOM) with Lisa Welchman, president of Welchman Consulting * Taxonomy Development and Implementation with Seth Earley of Earley and Associates The Gilbane Conference takes place this Wednesday, April 11, at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. You can see the complete keynote description, read up on the conference at large or register directly.