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  • OpenAjax Hub 2.0: Secure Enterprise Mashups

    Mashups may be all the rage, but can expose the enterprise to all manner of security risks. Enter the OpenAjax Alliance (news, site ) and its new standard for more secure mashing.

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  • W3C Goes Brainstorming for the Mobile Web

    One Web, where content from a given domain will be accessible to any device, where one version of an application works everywhere, and where mobile content dominates in as little as five years. This is the future as sketched out at the Mobile Ajax workshop recently chaired by the W3C

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  • Microsoft and Google to Face Off at SF Gilbane Tech Showcase

    Join us this week for what red-blooded techies sadistically hope will be the catfight of the year. This Wednesday at the Gilbane Conference in SF, seniors at Microsoft and Google debate enterprise search and information access.Gilbane and LISA team up to kick off the beginning of a CM conference trifecta taking place

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  • Microsoft and Google Jump OpenAjax Boat

    Made true late yesterday and announced just this morning, Microsoft and Google have signed-up with the OpenAjax Alliance. Just over a year after formation this makes 73 different Alliance members now working to standardize how the world implements and leverages the technologies we all fondly call Ajax.

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  • Sun Jumps for Open AJAX

    Sun has announced its support of the AJAX application model by joining the OpenAJAX Alliance, as well as the Dojo Foundation. Sun plans to actively participate in these two communities, driving open standards for AJAX programming and increase interoperability across AJAX technologies.As part of the OpenAJAX Alliance, Sun will collaborate

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