Sun has announced its support of the AJAX application model by joining the OpenAJAX Alliance, as well as the Dojo Foundation. Sun plans to actively participate in these two communities, driving open standards for AJAX programming and increase interoperability across AJAX technologies.As part of the OpenAJAX Alliance, Sun will collaborate with over 30 other member companies and organizations to identify and consolidate best practices, reach a consensus on programming models around a reference implementation for tools interoperability and generate wider AJAX adoption throughout the industry. Sun is also a new sponsor of the Dojo Foundation and will participate in the Dojo Toolkit project. To quote, "The Dojo Foundation is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organized to help promote the adoption of Dojo and to provide a healthy environment for JavaScript engineering of every stripe." The Dojo Toolkit is an open source JavaScript toolkit for making professional web development faster and easier. As part of the Dojo Toolkit project, Sun will be contributing AJAX widgets, helping with internationalization efforts and refining documentation. Greg Murray, Sun's AJAX Architect, will be one of the people representing Sun as a member of the Dojo Foundation. "We're looking forward to Sun's involvement in helping to mature the Toolkit. Sun's support of the Dojo Foundation, inclusion of Rhino in the upcoming Java Platform Standard Edition 6 and recent release of Project Phobos underline a commitment to a better future for both users and developers," said Alex Russell, current president of the Dojo Foundation. Other Dojo Foundation sponsors include IBM, Informatica, AOL and OpenLaszlo. In related news, Sun recently launched two new AJAX web portals: and