Open Text Content World 2008
Open Text kicked off its global Content World conference today in Orlando, Florida. The ECM giant expects it to be the largest conference in history with more than 1500 participants registered to attend. Pre- and post-conference workshops, breakouts, training, GlobalStar awards, partner schmoozing, showcasing its ECM solutions, Universal Studios trips... Open Text is going to be busy in the next few days. The event features a conference-within-a-conference program. Attendees tailor their conference experience: product/technology-specific tracks are available in the morning, with broader enterprise views offered in the afternoon.One of the coolest things about this event, aside from all the wealth of OT and Enterprise CMS knowledge, is that there’s no printed conference brochure. Open Text went green and provided all attendees with wireless PDA-like devices instead of a paper booklet. Delegates can use the device for polling, conference program navigation, attendee profiles search and text messaging.Conferences are usually coupled with major announcements. Today, Open Text announced that SAP will resell Open Text Vendor Invoice Management (VIM) under the name the SAP Invoice Management application by Open Text. As part of this agreement, SAP will also resell Open Text’s document capture solution Invoice Capture Center, from Open Text’s recent acquisition of Captaris, under the name optical character recognition (OCR) option for SAP Invoice Management. Open Text clearly shoots for being the ultimate ECM provider, and is here to prove it with all the recent product releases, acquisitions and partnerships. We’ll hear more from Open Text in the next few days, stay tuned! In the meantime, watch daily podcasts on YouTube and follow #OTContentWorld on Twitter.