Squiz recently announced they will be hosting a "best practices" open source CMS seminar for university Webmasters at Oxford’s famous debating society, this month's end. The seminar neatly follows the London-based Web 2.0 series they launched in mid-February.The event, slated for March 28th, will feature presentations courtesy of Oxford University and University of Greenwich. It is free and open to all Web professionals working in the UK education sector.Hot topics on the agenda include:* "Best practice" presentations on more efficient Web content management, with practical real-world implementation tactics direct from university peers.* Squiz presentations on the merits of various site management styles, which will include a vendor-led panel on improving site production at respective educational institutions.* A breakdown of the benefits of adopting existing open source software strategy, including Squiz white papers for take-home review.* A demonstration on the everyday relevance of MySource Matrix, Squiz’s market-leading open source CMS solution.* A valuable opportunity to network with Webmasters and other professionals from universities all over the UK.If you are interested in attending or want more info, visit the Squiz website. And be quick -- March 28th is hot on our heels.