The Gartner Group and CMS product vendor Xythos have teamed-up for a free webinar covering concepts related to the emerging enterprise content management category they call "basic content services". Xythos recently released an update to their ECM and document management product, which now features DoD 5015.2 compliance. The webinar will be held next Thursday November 2, between 2:00 and 3:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.The seminar "Basic Content Services -- Providing Affordable Content Management for Everyone" is intended to provide organizations with a better understanding of the enterprise content management marketplace and introduce them to cost-saving technology alternatives which have recently become available. Advance registration is required. Basic Content Services (BCS) is a new way of designing enterprise content infrastructures, and is being very actively pushed by ECM vendor Xythos. Xythos believes that businesses and government agencies are starting to segment their content management needs. And that after doing so, these organizations are realizing that they do not have the basic capability that a majority of their users need -- to replace the use of shared file drives, manage individual and team documents for increased productivity and collaboration, and reduce the number of duplicate documents and versions being stored and routed via e-mail. Xythos argues that content management really constitutes a spectrum of capabilities, with BCS at one end for basic and horizontal capabilities and full ECM at the other for process-centric applications. Their vision is that BCS deliver affordable, easy-to-use document management, often with some collaboration or Web editing features, suitable for mass deployment in both large and small organizations. Further, that BCS has the potential to spur market expansion -- that is, to create demand at the higher end for the ECM suites by fostering more content under management, more opportunities to create content value hierarchies, more content reuse and the need for more content federation. Of course as BCS gains traction and matures, the features are likely to expand and as a product these services could present a significant challenge to well-established ECM technology vendors. Learn more about BCS and ECM at next Thursday's webinar.