Big Data is the new oil, the new gold, the new Californium Isotope … add your own metaphor. You’ve heard it said before, and you’ll hear it said again and again. 

Hadoop has emerged as the best way to handle massive amounts of data (a.k.a. “Big Data”), including not only structured data but also complex, unstructured data as well. (Definition courtesy of Hortonworks.)

Data scientists are the rare, gifted, statistical soothsayers who model and analyze Big Data in its richest forms; they spin algorithms around it revealing pivotal insights which hold within them the potential to propel organizations to new, previously unimagined, heights.

Bring the Big Data, the Hadoop and the data scientists together and you will have the power needed to transform business, government, science, healthcare, politics … the world.

If this sounds like a lofty aspiration, perhaps it is. Because although we now have the ability to corral exabytes of data and can afford to process them in record time, most of the technologies required to do so remain daunting and the data scientists needed to make new discoveries are in short supply.

So it goes without saying that something has to change or the age of Big Data may be marked not only by its promise of unprecedented progress but also by its missed opportunities.

And no one is willing to sit back and watch that happen.

That’s why Big Data and Predictive Analytics providers are innovating and introducing new, and continuously updated products and services at a jaw-dropping pace.

Teradata Struts Its Stuff on the Big Data Stage

Teradata, the leading analytics data solutions company, whose products enable tech-savvy companies like Apple, e-bay and Walmart to get intimate with their customers, today announced two new innovations which hold the promise of helping customers realize their Big Data dreams. Namely Teradata Studio with Smart Loader for Hadoop and Teradata SQL-H.

Before going into specifics about either one, it’s worth noting that these are new components of the recently announced Teradata Enterprise Access for Hadoop, a portfolio of tools designed to give any Teradata user easy, secure access to data in Apache Hadoop.

That being said, here are the details:

Teradata Studio with Smart Loader for Hadoop gives business analysts the point-and-click convenience of easily browsing and moving data between Teradata and Hadoop for analysis and self-service business intelligence. Business users are now able to load, govern, access and share data seamlessly in and out of Hadoop -- enabling ad-hoc reporting and analysis in a secure and trusted Teradata data warehouse environment.

The Teradata Studio with Smart Loader for Hadoop supports Hortonworks Data Platform and Cloudera Distribution, giving customers the ability to choose between the two leading commercial distributions of Hadoop.

Teradata SQL-H gives any user or application across the enterprise direct, on-the-fly access to data stored within Hadoop through standard ANSI SQL, leveraging the security, workload management and performance of the Teradata data warehouse. This allows users to quickly query the data where it lies -- easily combining data from Hadoop as needed with production data in the Teradata data warehouse to expand and enrich their insights.

With Teradata SQL-H, analytics run directly in-memory on Teradata with only the data required for a query being pulled from Hadoop -- boosting performance -- while lowering costs associated with data movement and replication. Teradata SQL-H supports Hortonworks Data Platform, leveraging the open-source Apache HCatalog project for intelligent data access.

Teradata Users Can Embrace the Big Data Opportunity with Confidence

For the broad market of Teradata customers these innovations could bring big wins because the bridges between structured data and Big Data stored in Hadoop are already built and the places where bottle necks would most likely occur have been engineered out.

Not only that, but business analysts who use Teradata day in and day out will be able to pull Hadoop data into their queries and work with it using Teradata’s analytics tools. Whether the data is structured or unstructured, Big or not so big, Hadoop data or data in the Teradata database, will be transparent.

The Icing on the Cake - Truly Open Source Apache Hadoop

Teradata has chosen to leverage two of the most Open Source Apache Hadoop distributions --Hortonworks Data Platform and the Cloudera distribution for its Teradata Studio with Smart Loader for Hadoop component and the Hortonworks Data Platform for Teradata SQL-H.

What this means to Teradata customers is that they’ll always be working with the latest and purest version of Apache Hadoop which is a significant benefit in and of itself.

“The power of Open Source Apache Hadoop comes from a community of innovators,” says David McJannet, VP of Marketing at Hortonworks. And here he’s referring to the widely held, and well accepted belief, that a large community of skilled, passionate software engineers can innovate faster and build something better and more powerful than a team of engineers at a single company.

Hats off to Teradata for not partnering with more proprietary vendors.