The latest version of Clickability's hosted content management product, cmPublish, is now available to customers. Highlighting Clickability's "one vendor, one solution" approach to content management, the product boasts an impressive group of new features and enhancements, making it the most fully featured hosted content management product in the market. cmPublish features include:
    Integrated reporting. cmPublish version 4 has a powerful web analytics package bundled right into the application, where cmPublish users can instantly see page views, page interactions, busiest times of day and more. Newsletter enhancements. Another powerful application built right into cmPublish, the newsletters module now supports personalized emails and new newsletter reports. With personalization, the cmPublish newsletter module can now generate a different, custom email for each and every email recipient. Remote publishing. Customers can publish to existing web or application servers, leveraging investments in web infrastructure. Web submissions. User generated content can go straight into the workflow process, allowing your site users to contribute content that will be published on the site (the first use for a live customer will be classifieds, allowing users to submit classifieds postings directly through the site for republishing in the classifieds section). Enhanced categorization. cmPublish now has categorization options that rival those offered by top-tier installed CMS vendors. RSS out-of-the-box. cmPublish comes ready for RSS. Now easily publish site sections or newsletter content to RSS or take RSS feeds from elsewhere and republish them on your own site (see for more information on RSS). Additional browser support. Version 4 works with the Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox and Netscape browsers on Windows, and Mozilla on MacOSX. New WYSIWYG editor. With enhanced controls for formatting content on the fly. Internationalization. Version 4 supports UTF-8 publishing, meaning even content in "double-byte" languages can be published using cmPublish.
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