Hannon Hill has just released Cascade Server 5.0, the newest update of its browser-based web CMS product. Reliability, flexibility and speed: That's what HH reckons Cascade Server 5.0 all about. The company boast users will find v5.0 faster and more reliable than previous iterations, regardless of how many people are using the system at a given time.Cascade Server is built on an open standards architecture makes it malleable for customers, and despite a rigorous architectural revamp, Hannon Hill believes it has retained this flexibility. "The new 5.0 release signifies a turning point in the development of Cascade Server," said David Cummings, HH President and CEO. "Listening to our clients, we realized that organizations are doing much more with Cascade Server than ever before – managing more sites, more users, and more complex content. By focusing this release on reliability, flexibility, and speed, we’re able to anticipate the growing requirements of our users." As well as being faster than a speeding bullet and so forth, 5.0 promises: * Smarter database traffic * Support for application load balancing and database clustering * More robust delete and copy functionalities Cascade Server is an XML-based web CMS aimed at medium-sized organizations. It includes AJAX enabled WYSIWYG editing, file management, collaboration and compliance support and damn near all the trimmings you could wish for. Internet, Intranet, portal and extranet needs are all catered for, and HH claims that even complex applications will be up and running in less than a month. Browser-based and "as easy as Email," Cascade Server is employed by such organizations as Duke University, Carnegie, MCG Health Systems and SCOREGolf Magazine. Demos Here. The whole speed/flexibility/reliability axis is a trade-off scenario. It's not an easy trick to pull off, making all three variables better at the same time. We wait with baited breath to see if the new product delivers on HH's bold promises.