2009 Predictions for Web CMS, ECM, Mobile, MOSS and more

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CMS Watch Tech Predictions for 2009

And so it has started. The end of the year is upon us and everyone is thinking about what's ahead. Independent analyst firm CMS Watch has offered up their 2009 predictions. If the results of how they faired with last year's round are any indication, we may all do well to pay attention.

Like the 12 days of Christmas, CMS Watch has chosen to offer up 12 predictions for the technology world for 2009.

Covering everything from open source content management, to search, social computing and (of course) SharePoint, the analysts over at our friendly neighborhood, independent analyst firm have thought of it all.

Are all the predictions "groundbreaking"? Probably not. But here are a few that caught our attention:

Learning Opportunities

  • Open source ECM players get an initial boost: Things may start off well for open source CMS vendors as they get further into enterprise doors due to the economic recession, but "buyer's remorse" could soon kick in as organizations find that this "cheaper" alternative may not be that much cheaper after development, integration and support costs are factored in.
  • Office14 casts long shadow on SharePoint: As organizations wait impatiently for Office 14, they may consider slowing the expansion of their SharePoint solutions, assuming big changes to the platform may come with the productivity software. Nervousness about where the new version of SharePoint will land, causes many to stick to out-of-the-box functionality.
  • SaaS vendors expand offerings: Customers will look more to their SaaS solution providers to offer a full suite of tools and capabilities. As a result, these vendors will establish tighter strategic partnerships with interactive agencies, visual design firms, usability specialists, community managers, regulatory consultants, and front-end HTML and CSS developers
  • Long-awaited consolidation comes to the WCM space:2009 may see more consolidations of WCM providers, hopefully, says CMS Watch, more on the acquisition side than the merger side.
  • Mobile and multimedia web analytics become key requirements...and disrupters: With the popularity of mobile access growing and the new wave of multimedia technology pushing greater website innovation, the new for analytics in these areas will be increasingly important.

There are more interesting predictions related to search, compliance and ediscovery, and taxonomy.

2008 Predictions Did Well

We covered the CMS Watch 2008 technology predictions, where you saw predictions on Facebook, MOSS, Google and the collision of social software.

According to Tony Byrne, founder of CMS Watch, they didn't do too bad :

  • On Google will make a bid to become the World's Content Repository: "Not quite, although they did make a bid to become the World's Application Platform, which will get them to Content Repository eventually..."
  • On MOSS enters the valley of disappointment: "I'd say yes, especially beyond North America, although "skepticism" might be a more apt term than disappointment."
  • On Web 2.0 exhaustion: "Yes and no. The term continues to subside; the concept continues to thrive."
  • On Social Software vendor collision: "Definitely. Every Tom, Dick, and Portal Vendor thinks they can do this."
  • On Facebook backlash in the enterprise: "Not really. Some enterprises still ban it; many more are looking to exploit it. We see greater reluctance to embrace outside North America, though."

Will 2009 be the year CMS Watch predicts? We'll have to wait and see. Until then, tell us your predictions for 2009 in the comments.