It's that time of year again. No, not the holidays; end-of-the-year salary surveys, of course. Like clock work, the Information Architecture Institute released their 2007 IAI Salary Survey and it looks like the gender pay gap is narrowing, if ever so slightly. This is the first year the IAI chose to include a question on gender, which they say "provided the most interesting result coming out of our salary survey to date."Of the 575 respondents, not only were there almost as many females as males defining themselves as Information Architects, female IAs on average make slightly more than males. Even when upper and lower salary categories were removed from the calculation, women still held a lead in salary earned; yet not enough to be considered "statistically significant." The IAI giveth and the IAI taketh away. The survey also indicated that in the top salary categories, men outnumber women 2:1. If on a whole, women as a group are making more money as IAs than men are why are there more men in the top salary group? It is suggested that advanced education makes men more profitable as well as having an entrepreneurial spirit. Of respondents whose titles were President or Principal, eight were men and only three were women. Next year, the IAI plans to ask about the academic areas the higher degrees represent, and how many people in these higher positions are running their own businesses. Despite the awkward findings, it's still heartwarming to see women competitive in the field of IA, especially when we've learned that other fields are losing women. So, do your part. Visit our content management industry job board today and climb the career ladder to success! For all the juicy details, you can access the entire full 2007 IAI Salary Survey results and analysis on the IAI website.